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Window and door screens break down over time due to constant exposure to direct sunlight, but more often a damaged screen is the result of an incident involving a child or a pet. You could open the windows one morning intending to allow some fresh air into the house, for example, and your screen could end up damaged because your dog scratches at it in an attempt to get at a squirrel in the yard.

Not only are damaged screens unsightly, and they take away from the curb appeal of your home, but they can also be an access point for birds, bugs, and other pests. When damaged screens are replaced or repaired with mesh material that doesn’t match the other windows and doors, as is often the case when the repairs are done by the homeowner, it can be quite an eye sore.

Should You Hire A NJ Contractor To Install New Window Or Door Screens?

Hiring an experienced, professional New Jersey door and window screen repair contractor to repair your damaged screens can save you money, particularly if you make a mistake while trying to do the repairs yourself, is just like hiring any other home service contractor like an NJ HVAC contractor, making it necessary to by your materials twice. They also keep on hand all the materials and tools that they need to get the job done right, so that your repaired screens blend in seamlessly with the rest of your screens.

What A Window Or Door Screen Repair Involves

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The steps necessary to repair a damaged window or door screen can vary depending on the type of damage that has occurred, and the type of screens that you have installed on your home. Many repairs can be completed by replacing the damaged mesh with a new mesh panel and the appropriate sized spline. Although not difficult for someone with experience, this isn’t as easy as it may sound. A mistake in the installation process can cause damage to the window or door frame, which would require additional costs to repair. It can also cause your new screen to look wavy or otherwise unattractive.

Repairing a damaged screen properly usually involves removing the entire screen from the window, rather than patching over the damaged section. Doing the latter results in unsightly patchwork that tends to separate from the screen, leaving you back where you started from. The screen is pulled loose from the window, along with the original spline, and both are discarded. It is not recommended to reuse the original spline due to the fact that it’s easily stretched and damaged when it is removed from the channel. The new screen and spline are then put into place, and stretched to the proper tension as the spline is pushed into the channel using a splining tool.

Sometimes the damage to the screen is such that it’s necessary to replace the frame and mesh. This can be done with prefabricated screens if your window is of a standard size. Sometime homeowners elect to have a full replacement done rather than a repair because they want to update the appearance of their home with better quality materials.

If your windows are not a standard size, and the frame needs to be replaced too, a professional contractor will custom build a replacement to fit perfectly in your window. They have access to a variety of frame and mesh materials to enable them to custom-build replacement frames that perfectly match the rest on your home. Because homes experience settling, and the window opening may not be perfectly squared up, installing new frames is generally best left to the professionals to ensure that they are installed correctly.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Replace A Screen?

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The costs to repair or replace a screen can vary considerably, depending upon several factors, such as the extent of the damage and whether or not the frame needs to be replaced. If you are doing the work yourself, you’ll need to plan to buy the replacement mesh material that you’ll need, and if you don’t already own one, you’ll need to purchase a splining tool too. The splining tool is used to properly seat the spline in the channel of the frame properly. You can usually find one costing between $5 and $10.

The cost of your mesh can vary depending upon the type of mesh that you use. The least expensive, and most popular, is fiberglass mesh, which typically costs between $4 and $10. Before choosing this option, you should examine the rest of the screens on your house to determine the type of mesh material that was used, to keep a uniform appearance once the repair is done.

You should be able to complete your repair job for no more than $20 per window, assuming that you had to buy a splining tool too. Hiring a professional contractor would add about $15 per window for labor, a small price to pay to ensure that your installation is done correctly. If you install your new mesh improperly or damage it in the process of installing it, the cost of replacing it will cause you to lose any savings that you would have gained by doing it yourself.

There will be additional costs involved to do a full replacement. It’ll typically cost twice as much if you need to do a full replacement of the frames and screen, and it could cost more depending upon the types of materials that you may need, or if the frames need to be custom-built on site.

Most people can handle a simple screen replacement if they take their time and use some common sense when completing the job. If you’re more comfortable leaving it to a professional contractor, you’ll benefit by having the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’ll be done right, and that the work will be covered by a warranty. More complicated projects are best left to experienced professionals to ensure that your windows and doors will retain their proper function and appeal. Your home with be protected from pests, and your new screens will look great and add to its curb appeal.